It'sEasierThanYouThink is a digital literacy campaign to raise awareness about the skills gap that keeps many from engaging in today's information economy.

The US Ranks 7th in Internet adoption worldwide. We are the world's largest economy, and we are not the leader when it comes to Internet adoption. In the age of texting, social networking, mobile apps and a lifetime of information at the tip of your fingers, it is troubling that over 20 percent of our population still cannot get online. We are facing a digital literacy crisis.

It'sEasierThanYouThink sets out to raise awareness about the social issue of digital literacy, address the access, economic and education factors that contribute to the digital divide and a call to action for a national adoption of digital literacy programs.

It'sEasierThanYouThink created a series of PSA's

to highlight the issue of digital literacy.

Most people take the Internet for granted. Everything from finding a movie time, locating a restaurant, enrolling in an online college course and checking a bank account balance are all easily accessible online. But, what about people unfamiliar with the Internet's capabilities to aid in these everyday tasks?

The Internet may seem unmanageable to those who have never used it, but that simply is not the case. Given the proper access and education, anyone can become “Internet Savvy.” In these light-hearted PSAs, non-Internet users mistakenly act on the requests or suggestions from friends and family to interact with the Internet and social media. That leads many to physically go to large tech companies asking for their services.

How to Get Involved

Small Actions Can Help Lead to Necessary Policy Change.

Join us today. Share, Connect & Partner.

ONE: Work with TRAIL to adopt a national digital literacy policy with your friends, users, constituents and others.

TWO: Share theseries of PSAs It’sEasierThanYouThink has created.

THREE: Use other social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, to help spread the word and raise awareness.

Our Goals

Make digital literacy a national priority.

Be a Voice for Those Not Yet Online.

ONE: Raise awareness with the public about the issue of digital literacy.

TWO: Urge the Obama Administration and agencies at the local, state and federal levels to adopt digital literacy policy.

THREE: Empower non-Internet users with the tools they need to get online.

FOUR: Provide the online community with the resources to take action on this important issue.